A graduate of the highly respected architectural University of Venice, IUAV, Enrico Zanolla’s impressive design pedigree prior to forming his own company, Zanolla, includes collaborations with big-hitters such as Calligaris. Formed in 2018, Zanolla’s brand practices “innovation through tradition”. By developing not only the designs but the entire technical and creative process behind each one of his lamps - and by partnering with local craftsmen and collaborating with other designers of choice - Enrico Zanolla’s contemporary lighting collection pairs sustainability with ethics and bold design. This mid-century modern lighting edit is bursting at the seams with beautiful colours, playful shapes and contrasting materials. Pushing the boundaries of traditional Italian design, you’ll find h industrial white and copper pendants for the kitchen rubbing shoulders with bedside lamps made of mouth blown glass and natural cork - perfect for scrolling through the day’s big news by. Isn’t it time you witnessed Zanolla’s classic yet innovative designs for yourself?

Winter Sale: 15% off

Zanolla Picia Pendant smoked glass
Zanolla Picia Pendant £131.75 £ 155.00 (save £23.25)
Zanolla Nojar Pendant version 1
Zanolla Nojar Pendant £148.75 £ 175.00 (save £26.25)
Zanolla Botega white ceramic copper interior
Zanolla Botega Pendant £207.40 £ 244.00 (save £36.60)
Zanolla Plera Pendant orange
Zanolla Plera Pendant £221.85 £ 261.00 (save £39.15)
Zanolla Cosse Small and Large Pendant
Zanolla Cosse Pendant £238.00 £ 280.00 (save £42.00)
Zanolla Bale Pendant smoked glass
Zanolla Bale Pendant £274.55 £ 323.00 (save £48.45)
Zanolla Cece Pendant blue finish
Zanolla Cece Pendant £295.80 £ 348.00 (save £52.20)
Zanolla Picia Table purple glass
Zanolla Picia Table Lamp £120.70 £ 142.00 (save £21.30)
Zanolla Bale Table Lamp white
Zanolla Bale Table Lamp £263.50 £ 310.00 (save £46.50)
Zanolla Cosse Small Ceiling Light dark grey
Zanolla Cosse Ceiling Light £195.50 £ 230.00 (save £34.50)
Zanolla Bale Ceiling Light amber glass
Zanolla Bale Ceiling Light £255.85 £ 301.00 (save £45.15)

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