Exuding sophistication, fragility and versatility, Slamp represents the finest in contemporary decorative Italian lighting. Founded in 1994 by Roberto Ziliani, Slamp has an illustrious history of collaboration with leading figures in the world of art, design and architecture, including Zaha Hadid, Robert Wilson and Daniel Libeskind, whilst simultaneously championing young emerging talents such as Adriano Rachele, who won the Red Dot Award at the age of 25 for 'Veli'. This ongoing co-operation coupled with constant innovations in LED technology and materials has resulted in a luxurious modern lighting collection that embraces industrial advancement whilst staying true to its Italian artisan heritage.

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Slamp Clizia Floor Lamp Main
Slamp Clizia Floor Lamp £603.50 £ 710.00 (save £106.50)
Slamp Charlotte Floor Lamp
Slamp Charlotte Floor Lamp £603.50 £ 710.00 (save £106.50)
Slamp Clizia Pendant £197.20 £ 232.00 (save £34.80)
Slamp Clizia Fume Pendant £348.50 £ 410.00 (save £61.50)
Slamp Avia Black Pendant Large Main
Slamp Avia Pendant £502.35 £ 591.00 (save £88.65)
Slamp La Lollo Pendant Gold
Slamp La Lollo Pendant £502.35 £ 591.00 (save £88.65)
Slamp Aria Transparent Pendant Main Photo
Slamp Aria Transparent Pendant £657.05 £ 773.00 (save £115.95)
Slamp Half Charlotte Pendant
Slamp Half Charlotte Pendant £1,043.80 £1228.00 (save £184.20)
Slamp Aria Gold Pendant Dark Background
Slamp Aria Gold Pendant £1,932.05 £2273.00 (save £340.95)
Slamp Cordoba Pendant
Slamp Cordoba Pendant £2,201.50 £2590.00 (save £388.50)
Slamp Charlotte Pendant White
Slamp Charlotte Pendant £2,395.30 £2818.00 (save £422.70)
Slamp Aria Black Pendant Main Image
Slamp Aria Black Pendant £2,434.40 £2864.00 (save £429.60)
Slamp Clizia Wall/Ceiling Light £123.25 £ 145.00 (save £21.75)
Slamp Clizia Wall/Ceiling Fume
Slamp Clizia Fume Wall/Ceiling Light £139.40 £ 164.00 (save £24.60)
Slamp Hanami Prisma Ceiling Light
Slamp Hanami Wall/Ceiling Light £586.50 £ 690.00 (save £103.50)

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