Luceplan was set up with the object of creating and producing interior and exterior lighting and to enhance the quality of living. Energy saving is therefore a top priority and cannot be confined to the ratio of lighting to energy consumption: it must embrace the environmental compatibility of our whole operation – from choice of materials to the manufacturing process, from product durability to product maintenance. If an object is to last, it needs to be beautiful as well as technologically sound. But a long-lasting product also offers better environmental compatibility and it outlives fashions. 

It is so deeply interiorised that it has not been emphasized, consistently with the company’s natural, instinctive attitude. Luceplan has always kept aloof from new but often empty proclamations. And in the sea of high-flown declarations and statements that abound in the world of design, Luceplan has a clear and precise vision of sustainabilty: “Design also focuses on easy, differentiated waste recovery and on weathering seasonal trends. It rationalises the assembly process to compress packaging volume, and makes use of the ultimate, highly efficient light sources.”

Luceplan is a new brand to ZaZacorp, more products will be added all the time. If you are interested in any Luceplan products, please get in with us on . 

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Luceplan Honeycomb Pendant
Luceplan Honeycomb LED Pendant £543.40 £ 572.00 (save £28.60)
Luceplan Hope 18 Pendant
Luceplan Hope 12/18 Pendant £817.00 £ 860.00 (save £43.00)
Luceplan Plisse Pendant
Luceplan Plisse Pendant £869.25 £ 915.00 (save £45.75)
Luceplan Queen Titania Pendant
Luceplan Queen Titania Pendant £902.50 £ 950.00 (save £47.50)
Luceplan Hope 42 Pendant
Luceplan Hope 42 Pendant £3,274.65 £3447.00 (save £172.35)
Luceplan Hope 105 Pendant
Luceplan Hope 105 Pendant £9,093.40 £9572.00 (save £478.60)
Luceplan Birzi Table Lamp
Luceplan Birzi Table Lamp £71.25 £ 75.00 (save £3.75)
Luceplan OnOff Table Lamp
Luceplan OnOff Table Lamp £85.50 £ 90.00 (save £4.50)
Luceplan Costanzina Table Lamp
Luceplan Constanzina Table Lamp £161.50 £ 170.00 (save £8.50)
Luceplan Curl Table Lamp
Luceplan Curl Table Lamp £209.00 £ 220.00 (save £11.00)
Luceplan Bap LED Table Lamp
Luceplan Bap LED Table Lamp £275.50 £ 290.00 (save £14.50)
Luceplan Mix Table Lamp
Luceplan Mix Table Lamp £280.25 £ 295.00 (save £14.75)
Luceplan Miranda Table Lamp
Luceplan Miranda / Mirandolina Table Lamp £284.05 £ 299.00 (save £14.95)
Luceplan Berenice LED Table Lamp
Luceplan Berenice LED Table Lamp £294.50 £ 310.00 (save £15.50)
Luceplan Costanza Table Lamp Red
Luceplan Costanza Table Lamp £311.60 £ 328.00 (save £16.40)
Luceplan Otto Watt LED Table Lamp
Luceplan Otto Watt LED Table Lamp £347.70 £ 366.00 (save £18.30)
Luceplan Fortebraccio LED Table Lamp
Luceplan Fortebraccio LED Table Lamp £351.50 £ 370.00 (save £18.50)
Luceplan Ascent Table Lamp
Luceplan Ascent Table Lamp £370.50 £ 390.00 (save £19.50)
Luceplan Synapse Wall Light
Luceplan Synapse Wall Light £0.00 £ 0.00 (save £0.00)
Luceplan Goggle Wall Light
Luceplan Goggle Wall Light £99.75 £ 105.00 (save £5.25)

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