Tom Kirk Lighting

Tom Kirk Lighting
Tom Kirk Lighting

In 1997, whilst exhibiting his work for the very first time at 100% Design in London, the young Tom Kirk probably had no inkling that one day he would be credited with reinventing the chandelier. Now nearly twenty years on, Tom’s beautiful but edgy lighting sculptures have helped to bring lighting into a new era. One of the many reasons that Tom Kirk is so popular with us here at Darklight is that, despite being an international success, Tom Kirk lighting remains a very British company, with all his designs still being manufactured right here in the UK. So, if British made, industrial inspired installation pieces sound interesting to you, we think we may have just what you need.

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Flute Wall Light IP44
Tom Kirk Flute IP44 Wall Light £279.00 £ 310.00 (save £31.00)
Facet Wall Light IP44 Stainless Steel
Tom Kirk Facet IP44 Wall Light £679.50 £ 755.00 (save £75.50)
Tom Kirk GS Pendant
Tom Kirk GS Pendant £265.50 £ 295.00 (save £29.50)
Tom Kirk Flute Pendant
Tom Kirk Flute Pendant £292.50 £ 325.00 (save £32.50)
Tom Kirk Cintola Pendant
Tom Kirk Cintola Pendant £315.00 £ 350.00 (save £35.00)
GS Pendant 300
Tom Kirk GS 300 Pendant £522.00 £ 580.00 (save £58.00)
Tom Kirk GS 400 Pendant
Tom Kirk GS 400 Pendant £751.50 £ 835.00 (save £83.50)
GS Chandelier Pendant
Tom Kirk GS Chandelier Pendant £994.50 £1105.00 (save £110.50)
Flute Wall Light
Tom Kirk Flute Wall Light £234.00 £ 260.00 (save £26.00)
GS Wall Light
Tom Kirk GS Wall Light £261.00 £ 290.00 (save £29.00)
Flute Wall Light Double
Tom Kirk Flute Double Wall Light £396.00 £ 440.00 (save £44.00)
GS Wall Light Figure 8
Tom Kirk GS Figure 8 Wall Light £414.00 £ 460.00 (save £46.00)
Facet Wall Light Black Nickel
Tom Kirk Facet Wall Light £540.00 £ 600.00 (save £60.00)

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