Plaster-in Lighting

Integrated or surface mounted, wallwasher or downlight, halogen or LED – our choice of plaster-in lighting literally is endless*. This hand-picked selection of architectural luminaires is just as comfortable illuminating a contemporary office corridor as it is highlighting your bathroom mirror at home. These lights have a versatile range of uses, from creating eye-catching beams of integrated light to providing subtle, low level step lighting. Available in a choice of colours, sizes and profiles, the plaster-in single, double, triple and quadruple downlights can also be painted to give your project that highly desirable seamless finish. Popular with lighting designers, interior designers and architects, these luminaires give you the ability to create either a modern minimalist effect or a real design statement.

*Not to be taken literally.

Can't find the downlight for you? For similar products take a look at our range of adjustable directional recessed downlights  or our collection of fixed recessed downlights

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