Wall Mounted Reading Lights

Unwind in bed with a good book after a long day with the aid of our Wall Mounted Reading Lights. Perfect as a bedside reading light that also adds an ambience in your boudoir, our reading lamps can also be wall mounted either side of a sofa or by your fav cozy armchair in the living room, or as a task light in a home office or study as you burn the midnight oil. Coffee not included.

Our selection specialises in sleek and minimalist contemporary reading lights, with chrome, white and anthracite finishes that excentuate this look. A smooth snake arm creates an organic bend, allowing total flexibility. Or if an industrial, functional lighting scheme is what you are after, reading lights with a mechanical arm would fit the bill. Wall mounted or fixed with a clamp, specialist reading lamp or combined with a wall light, with or without integrated switch, check out our range of wall mounted reading lights below.

If you're looking for a reading light that isn't wall mounted, our Table & Desk Lamps might be just the ticket. Still can't find the reading light for you? Contact us on or [email protected] - as experienced lighting designers we are expertly placed to shed some light on the subject...




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