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Got a table? Or a desk? Need a lamp? I think you can see where we are heading with this... Table lamps are a versatile lighting solution for most of the rooms in a home. In your living room a minimalist table lamp will add an extra layer of light to a scheme that also includes floor lampswall mounted lights and a ceiling light or pendant - creating a living space with an ambient glow that's perfect for chilling out after a long day at the grindstone. Use contemporary bedside lamps either side of your luxe kingsize bed to create a comforting and relaxing vibe. Or if you are burning the midnight oil, an industrial desk lamp in a lounge or home office offers a more adjustable task orientated light.

Ranging from organic glass table lamps to industrial copper or brass desk lighting, to designer Italian chrome statement table lights or natural Scandi-style table lamps - whatever the trend, our collection of table and desk lamps will have it covered.

Need a hand sourcing that elusive table lamp or desk lamp? As experienced lighting designers we are expertly placed to help, just us on  or [email protected].

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Artemide Dalu Table and Desk Lamp
Artemide Dalu Table Lamp £66.50 £ 70.00 (save £3.50)
Artemide Dioscuri Table Lamp
Artemide Dioscuri Table Lamp £109.25 £ 115.00 (save £5.75)
Artemide Eclisse Table Lamp
Artemide Eclisse Table Lamp £116.85 £ 123.00 (save £6.15)
Artemide Nessino Table Lamp Orange
Artemide Nessino Table Lamp £116.85 £ 123.00 (save £6.15)
Foscarini Binic Table Lamp All Versions
Foscarini Binic Table Lamp £125.40 £ 132.00 (save £6.60)
Tooy Nabila Small Side Table Lamp
Tooy Nabila Small Side Table Lamp £130.15 £ 137.00 (save £6.85)
Foscarini Doll Table Lamp
Foscarini Doll Table Lamp £137.75 £ 145.00 (save £7.25)
Tooy Nabila Side Table Lamp
Tooy Nabila Side Table Lamp £139.65 £ 147.00 (save £7.35)
Foscarini Gregg Table Lamp All Versions
Foscarini Gregg Table Lamp £151.05 £ 159.00 (save £7.95)
Tooy Lily Table Lamp smaller version
Tooy Lily Table Lamp £152.95 £ 161.00 (save £8.05)
Artemide Melampo and Melampo Notte Table Lamp Aluminium Grey
Artemide Melampo Table Lamp £163.40 £ 172.00 (save £8.60)
Orsjo Twiggy Table Lamp
Orsjo Twiggy Table Lamp £166.25 £ 175.00 (save £8.75)
Artemide Tolomeo Micro Desk Lamp
Artemide Tolomeo Micro Desk Lamp £167.20 £ 176.00 (save £8.80)

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