Seed Design: Seed Design Moai LED Pendant

Designer: Chen, Chao Cheng
Manufacturer: Seed Design

With their delicate designs and innovative engineering, Seed Design are always thinking about how the user interacts with their lamps. Founded in 1991, the brand’s beautiful collection fuses contemporary simplicity with refined retro styling; you’ll find minimal concrete pendant lights for the kitchen, brass lamps to suspend over your desk and small copper globe lights to hang in the hallway - drop them individually or in gorgeously celestial clusters. Seed Design brings to life extraordinary craftsmanship, fine-tuned functionality and an elegant aesthetic. We're proud to be the UK's sole supplier and delighted to offer you next day delivery on our most popular lights.

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Seed Design Moai LED Pendant

The Seed Design Moai LED Pendant is characterised by its peculiar shaped shade, delicately crafted from glass. The silhouette is often described as being reminiscent of the statues of Easter island, providing a legendary feeling to the suspension drops. The LED light is delicate, creating an ethereal effect as the light emits through the glass diffuser, leaving a unique egg-shaped reflection behind. The stylish design means Moai looks great whether off in the daytime or on during the evening – even though there’s such contrast between the 2. Available in 2 finishes: shiny copper or shiny brass. Integrated LED included.

Delivery within 6-8 weeks.


Materials: mouth-blown glass, steel
Black textile wire
Black canopy 

High temperatures, excessive humidity, and salt are some of the substances that may affect copper or brass plating. For these reasons, the Limited Warranty DOES NOT COVER RUST OR OXIDATION, unless there is a loss of structural integrity on the parts

LED 6.5W (3000K, CRI 90, 553lm) included with built-in non-dimmable driver

LED 8.5W (3000K, CRI 90, 720lm) included with built-in dimmable driver

LED 13W (3000K, CRI 90, 1105lm) included with built-in dimmable driver

Extra large:
LED 16W (3000K, CRI 90,1317lm) included with built-in dimmable driver

Max drop for all - 2000mm

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