Örsjö Belysning: Orsjo Norrsken Pendant

Designer: Jonas Bohlin
Manufacturer: Örsjö Belysning

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Örsjö Belysning AB (Belysning is Swedish for lighting) is steeped in the history of Scandinavian craftsmanship and lighting design. Established in 1948, by the 50s Örsjö focused mainly on Scandinavian lighting, honouring timeless forms and artisan techniques whilst adapting them to contemporary use. Örsjö currently collaborates with Scandinavia's leading award-winning designers, including Jonas Bohlin, Claesson Koivisto Rune, Note Design Studio, and Joel Karlsson, to create a Scandinavian lighting collection with all production fulfilled in their factory in Nybro, Sweden.

Orsjo Norrsken Pendant

The Orsjo Norrsken Pendant is a special edition light fixture, limited to only 29 copies. Created by award winning Swedish designer Jonas Bohlin, who designed many of the bestsellers from the Orsjo range, crafted this pendant with a blend of traditional methods and modern design in mind. Influenced by a custom project for a restaurant in Stockholm with 48 lights on the sculpture, this is a scaled down version of the sleek piece. This huge suspended light is a free form shape including 24 light sources with no particular order to where they’re positioned. The structure is finished in an ultramarine blue colour with brass lamp holders at the ends. Lamps not included.

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