Luctra: Luctra Radial Pro Human Centric LED Table Lamp

Designer: Luctra
Manufacturer: Luctra

Handmade in Germany, Luctra recognize that light affects the way we live and function. With the popularity of HCL (human-centric lighting) on the rise, Luctra Pro table lamps and the floor lamps adjust their light level to your own personal circadian rhythm, keeping you active during the day and helping you to unwind in the evening. They even help you sleep better by aiding regulation of the sleep hormone melatonin. By using the app, you can adjust the temperature output based upon your own body clock for the best results. An effective way to improve your health and wellbeing. 

The contemporary range is generally best suited as lamps for the office or home study room to light a desk or work area, especially where you would usually obtain a lack of natural day light. However, they can also be utilized as everyday lights lamps for living rooms, bedrooms and more due to the technology and functionality.

Luctra Radial Pro Human Centric LED Table Lamp

The Luctra Radial Pro LED Table Lamp is a human centric light with a colour temperature changing feature, ideal for using in relation to your circadian rhythm. This is a way of naturally improving your health and wellbeing. The colder (daylight) setting allows you to be more active and brisk whilst working during the morning/daytime whereas the warmer setting can be activated late afternoon/evening time to help you wind down and sleep better.

The Pro version, being slightly larger but still sleek, brings a slightly larger presence to an office or desk area compared to the standard version. Additionally, this version allows you to freely adjust the colour temperature (between 2700K-6500K) and the light intensity (anywhere up to 1000 lux) through the VITACORE® app from your smart phone or tablet. You can set a plan on the app so that the temperature changes automatically throughout the day based upon your personal circadian rhythm.

This variation has 2 USB ports to charge any devices you have as an added feature. Its well-ventilated shade maintains excellent heat management, effectively prolonging the life of the LED lamp. The adjustable structure and self-locking joints provide functionality of being able to position the light wherever desired. Equipped with a total of 4 energy efficient integrated LED lamps (2 warm and 2 cold). 3 fastening options are available: standard base, edge clamp (which can also be wall mounted) and pin clamp. Available in 3 finishes: aluminium, black and white. Constructed from aluminium, zinc and steel base.

Available in several different variations.

Delivery approximately 2-3 weeks.

High colour rendition with CRI 85
Expected LED life - over 50,000 hours
High light illuminance of 1,000 lux at a height of 60 cm above the table surface
Luminous flux - 680lm (when at neutral white)
Light intensity - 566cd (when at neutral white)
Energy efficiency - A++
Wattage - 10.5W
Cable length - 1.8m (supplied with UK plug)
VITACORE® touch panel
2 USB charging ports
Boost function for maximum cold white at 1000 lux

Awards & accolades:
- German Design Award Winner 2016
- Interior Innovation Award 2015
- Reddot Award 2015 (winner)
- UX Design Awards 2015 (nominated)

Min H.300mm
Max H.900mm
Min D.100mm
Max D.700mm

W.250 mm.

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