Jacco Maris: Jacco Maris Framed Up And Down Pendant

Designer: Jacco Maris Design
Manufacturer: Jacco Maris

Making something out of nothing and creating maximum forms from minimal amounts of materials… This is the basic concept that underlies the creation, since 1994, of the light features of Jacco Maris. These are unique objects that combine powerful and exciting looks with graceful harmony and subtle elegance, and which are skilfully and individually handcrafted in our own studio.

Most of the designs are based on the bending of a metal strip. Steel strip, the material from which most of the light fittings are made, is therefore the most important trademark of Jacco Maris Design. Stainless steel, black steel and brass are also distinctive elements that are used on their own or in combination. In this way, over the years, seven remarkable lighting collections have been developed, each with its own recognisable character. Since 2001, the collections have been created in cooperation with Ben Quaedvlieg.

Jacco Maris Framed Up And Down Pendant

The Jacco Maris Framed Up and Down Pendant is part of a collection which commits to a simple yet sleek geometric shape themed design. It consists of a steel frame with dedicated LED tape around the inside of the steel – highlighting the neat architecture. The 3 colour temperatures available allow you to set the mood through the outline of the geometric frame illuminated around the room.

Delivery approximately 6-8 weeks.

Colour temp. 2700K (standard) - 3000K & 4000K are available on request, please us for more info.

W.1200mm, D.25mm, H.70mm
LED strip 13W up / 19W down

W.1600mm, D.25mm, H.70mm
LED strip 19W up / 26W down

W.2000mm, D.25mm, H.70mm
LED strip 24W up / 34W down

Dimmer not included

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