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Exuding sophistication, fragility and versatility, Slamp represents the finest in contemporary decorative Italian lighting. Founded in 1994 by Roberto Ziliani, Slamp has an illustrious history of collaboration with leading figures in the world of art, design and architecture, including Zaha Hadid, Robert Wilson and Daniel Libeskind, whilst simultaneously championing young emerging talents such as Adriano Rachele, who won the Red Dot Award at the age of 25 for 'Veli'. This ongoing co-operation coupled with constant innovations in LED technology and materials has resulted in a luxurious modern lighting collection that embraces industrial advancement whilst staying true to its Italian artisan heritage.


Slamp Avia Pendant

The Slamp Avia is a statement chandelier providing a touch of grandeur to any living room, reception room, hallway or dining room. Created by Zaha Hadid this design generates a sense of quality whilst providing a vibrant amount of light. Both the Avia and the Aria (listed below) together animate the space allowing light to ripple through the vertical thins that make up this wonder piece.

Delivery time approximately 1-2 weeks.

Cable H.1400mm
Made of: Cristalflex® / Lentiflex®
Energy Class: A, A+, A++

Avia Small
Bulbs E27:
2 X 8W LED Filament
+ 1 X 11W Spot LED
H.850mm Dia.450mm

Avia Medium
Bulbs E27:
3 X 8W LED Filament
+ 1 X 11W Spot LED
H.1000mm Dia.520mm

Avia Large
Bulbs E27:
4 X 8W LED Filament
+ 1 X 16W Spot LED
H.1200mm Dia.600mm

Avia Extra Large
Bulbs E27:
6 X 8W LED Filament
+ 1 X 16W Spot LED
H.1400mm Dia.750mm

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