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Henri Bursztyn: Henri Bursztyn _B612 LED Wooden Table Lamp

Designer: Henri Bursztyn
Manufacturer: Henri Bursztyn

Combining a love of minimalist design with a passion for new innovative LED technology, Henri Bursztyn is truly unique. A contemporary lighting collection that is enigmatic yet functional, Henri Bursztyn draws inspiration equally from sources as diverse as the natural world and modern popular culture, resulting in sculptures of light that distill down to the purity of form. The modern lighting at the heart of the Henri Bursztyn collection is handmade in France, and successfully showcases natural materials forged with the mystery and poetry of the designer.

Henri Bursztyn _B612 LED Wooden Table Lamp

The Henri Bursztyn _B612 creates visual magic through the mastery of invisible LED technology. Inspired by armillary sphere, 4 independent adjustable rings offer an infinite diversity of lighting angles. With a maximum lamp/user interaction the _B612 adjusts to one’s need or wish, creating a unique object. The _B612 comes as a table lamp with its base made of brushed steel, and pendant light suspended from its power cable. For an ultimate comfort, the _B612 ‘s light intensity is dimmable, and comes with a wireless remote control.

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Driver required. 

Handmade in France - delivery usually within 8 weeks 

Material: Wood/Metal

Power: 60W

Light Temp: 2400K, 2700K, 3000K

Lumens (source): 3800 lumens

mm. Diameter 510 mm.

Lamp Type: LED

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