Örsjö Belysning: Orsjo Ginko Pendant

Designer: Norways Says
Manufacturer: Örsjö Belysning

Örsjö Belysning AB (Belysning is Swedish for lighting) is steeped in the history of Scandinavian craftsmanship and lighting design. Established in 1948, by the 50s Örsjö focused mainly on Scandinavian lighting, honouring timeless forms and artisan techniques whilst adapting them to contemporary use. Örsjö currently collaborates with Scandinavia's leading award-winning designers, including Jonas Bohlin, Claesson Koivisto Rune, Note Design Studio, and Joel Karlsson, to create a Scandinavian lighting collection with all production fulfilled in their factory in Nybro, Sweden.

Orsjo Ginko Pendant

The Orsjo Ginko Pendant is influenced by the leaves of the maidenheair tree called ‘Ginkgo Biloba’ as evident to the similarity in names. The shade and ceiling cup are constructed from aluminium and are matching in colour – available in black, misty blue and white. The shade hangs from a grey textile cord and hangs from a hook (to a ceiling socket). Glare shield in opal plastic. Available as dimmable and non-dimmable. Lamps not included.

Delivery approximately 4-6 weeks. 


H.1250 mm. Diameter 550 mm.




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