Henri Bursztyn: Henri Bursztyn e-DEN La Fruit LED Outdoor Floor Lamp

Designer: Henri Bursztyn
Manufacturer: Henri Bursztyn

Combining a love of minimalist design with a passion for new innovative LED technology, Henri Bursztyn is truly unique. A contemporary lighting collection that is enigmatic yet functional, Henri Bursztyn draws inspiration equally from sources as diverse as the natural world and modern popular culture, resulting in sculptures of light that distill down to the purity of form. The modern lighting at the heart of the Henri Bursztyn collection is handmade in France, and successfully showcases natural materials forged with the mystery and poetry of the designer.

Henri Bursztyn e-DEN La Fruit LED Outdoor Floor Lamp

Henri Bursztyn e-DEN La Fruit LED Outdoor Floor Lamp channels the beauty of nature to sculpt an organic exterior light. The handblown glass ball, with its irregular lines and subtle light, lies on the ground like a piece of fruit that has fallen from a tree. Made from a combination of handblown glass with stainless steel & PMMA. The e-DEN La Fruit can be utilised either on its own or combined with e-DEN Les Herbes and e-DEN Le Fleur to create an ethereal outdoor space filled with plants and grasses the radiate a magical light.

Supplied in a bunch of 3.

Driver required. 

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Handmade in France - delivery usually within 8 weeks

Material: hand-blown glass, stainless steel and PMMA
Wattage: 1.2W

Light Temp. | Lumen Output:
1800°K | 3 x 150lm (warmest light)
2700°K | 3 x 175lm (warm light)
4000°K | 3 x 200lm (neutral white light)

Driver required

W.300 x D.200 mm.

Lamp Type: LED

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