Arturo Alvarez: Arturo Alvarez Ventopop Pendant

Designer: Arturo Alvarez
Manufacturer: Arturo Alvarez

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Arturo Alvarez are devoted to the design and production of all kind of decorative lamps.  They offer pieces of unique and great personality, for private and public environments and have a professional, motivated and highly qualified team and a clear business plan. These confluence of factors make Arturo Alvarez a well known brand, present in more than 50 countries, in the last few years their work has been recognized with important design awards.

Arturo Alvarez Ventopop Pendant

The Arturo Alvarez Ventopop Pendant has been crafted from opalescent glass squared tiles which have been placed in a sequence which curves – representative of a slight breeze. This pop variation of the Vento collection has an aesthetic twist with more dynamic colours. Displayed in a combination of white, blue, black, red, yellow and lime green stripes which make an eye-catching lamp. Support in stainless steel. Cable available in black or transparent. Lamp not included for Small (Non-LED version), see Datasheet link in the Downloads tab for a list of compatible lamps.

Ventopop Pendant also available in 120V US version – please us for further details.

Ventopop Table Lamp and Wall Light also available.

Delivery usually within 2-4 weeks.

230V - 50Hz

Max total drop - 1500mm 

Large version Lamp Type – LED 22,8W 2790lm 3000K built-in
Lamp not included for small version:
See Datasheet link in the Downloads tab for a list of compatible lamps.

About the handmade glass:
Low Flammability
Simple maintenance. Easy to clean with a damp cloth and mild soap.

Ventopop Small Non-LED Non-dimmable (VN04-1POP) – Shade H.150, W.580mm
Ventopop Large LED Dimmable (VN04POP-LD) – Shade H.170mm, W.960mm

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