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Flexibility. If there’s one word to sum up LED Profilelement, it’s flexibility. Whether creating indirect accent lighting, shadow gaps for coves and skirtings or highlighting architectural features, the versatility of LED Profilelement flows from soft and subtle integrated lighting to a striking, dramatic statement. Installed directly into the drywall, many of the profiles are either plaster-in or with a paintable wing - seamlessly integrating into the architectural scheme whilst taking advantage of the latest in LED innovations. As we said - flexibility.

LED Profilelement ET Flat Niche Alu Profile

LED Profilelement ET Flat aluminium profile with visible trim uses its small design to offer flush mounted and integrated installation into wooden or laminate surfaces. Due to the small dimensions ET is perfect for providing indirect lighting in kitchens and other niche spaces. Available in anodized aluminium, matt black or matt white finishes. When installed with a diffuser (clear, satin finished or opal white) a homogeneously illuminated line with no dazzle is created. Suitable for LED tape with a maximum width of 11.3mm.

The optional diffuser cover is made of polycarbonate (PC) and is weathering and UV-resistant and flame-retardant. The optional end caps, made of polypropylene (PP), additionally seal the profile. 

See the Optional Items below for:

Ferro foil and magnetic tape for fixing LED tape to non-magnetic surface 

Supplied in 2m lengths.

Taller ET High aluminium profile also available. 

Delivery usually within 3-5 working days

Internal width: 13.7mm
Max. LED tape: 11.3mm
Profile: aluminium
Diffuser cover: polycarbonate (PC)
Optional end cap polypropylene (PP):
Grey (PE86.0153)
Black (PE86.0154)
White (PE86.0155)

W.2000 x D.27 x H.7 mm.

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LED Profilelement Ferro Foil Tape

Self adhesive magnetic tape
Easily adjustable
1m lengths

W:1000mm D:10mm

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LED Profilelement Magnetic Tape

Self adhesive magnetic tape
Easily adjustable
2m lengths


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