Tom Dixon: Tom Dixon Stone Table Lamp

Designer: Tom Dixon
Manufacturer: Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon is fast becoming an icon of British design. Championing innovation and inspired by British heritage, Tom Dixon lighting leads the way in contemporary UK design. And not many of us have an O.B.E for services to design stashed in our back pockets - go Tom go!

Tom Dixon Stone Table Lamp

The Tom Dixon Stone table lamp is a stunning and distinctive light, created from marble. Just to think of the millions of years, unimaginable pressures and heat involved in the creation of these beautiful rocks. This hard, semi-precious surface which bears a unique fingerprint has transfixed architects, sculptors and designers for millennia, and for Tom Dixon too this is the dream material – tough yet tactile, heavy and long-lasting with individual personality. They have used white marble for delicate lights, sturdy chopping boards and elegant candle holders.

There is the option of either buying it without a lamp and fit your own E27 5W bulb or buying it with the reccommended lamp for the brass crown effect. 

Delivery approximately 1-2 weeks.


H.176 mm. Diameter 140 mm.

Lamp Type: 1 x E27 5W brass crowned LED (not included)

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