Nemo: Nemo Linescapes Horizontal Pendant

Designer: Nemo
Manufacturer: Nemo

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A collection for the design purist, Nemo Ark celebrates the pragmatism of the functional. To all architects and lighting designers: breathe in the sober industrial design of the Cubo and Linescapes. Yet, there are examples within Nemo Ark of design flourishes, such as the Ellisse, which has a beautiful simplicity that references the very same molecular structure that its own light possesses. One for the connoisseur of minimalist design.

Nemo Linescapes Horizontal Pendant

The Nemo Linescapes Horizontal pendant is part of a family of floor, ceiling and wall elements, efficient with an highly versatile linear luminous output. Body in aluminium extruded and opal white polycarbonate diffuser, junctions and fixing components in die-casted aluminum and steel. White finishing with elements painted in grey.

Delivery approximately 4-6 weeks


Maximum drop 2500mm

Linear LED 24W 3000K 2100lm

Linear LED 42W 3000K 4080lm

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