Harco Loor Design: Harco Loor Design Zeppelin Kite Pendant

Designer: Harco Loor Design
Manufacturer: Harco Loor Design

With metalwork hand sculpted by the Popeye-like forearms of Harco Loor himself (as witnessed by our own disbelieving eyes), each piece represents a truly individual glimpse into the inspiration of this talented artisan. Founded in the early 80’s in the Netherlands, Harco Loor combines inspiration from the natural world with a modern Dutch aesthetic to create one of our favourite interior lighting collections. The artisan hand-crafted production is completed with the personal signature of the designer, resulting in a unique piece that will grace any interior.

Harco Loor Design Zeppelin Kite Pendant

The Harco Loor Zeppelin Kite pendant is constructed from stainless steel with crystal drops in transparent Asfour (30% PbO) and is fully handmade. The light is available in a variety of arm sizes and the light is available with halogen or LED versions.

Please note, the Zeppelin Kite HL 30 is only available in the LED version.

Delivery approximately 3-4 weeks

All Harco Loor lights are available in a 110V version for the USA.

Maximum drop 2000mm

Zeppelin Kite HL 12:
1200 x 300mm
12 x G4 10W Max

Zeppelin Kite HL 18:
1500 x 40mm
18 x G4 10W Max

Zeppelin Kite HL 30 (LED only):
1700 x 450mm
30 x G4 LED 1W Max

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