Foscarini: Foscarini Chouchin Reverse Pendant

Designer: Ionna Vautrin
Manufacturer: Foscarini

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Research and innovation, attention to quality in production and services offered, an international focus, maximum flexibility and, above all, a product-centred culture that is the result of good design: these are the elements that characterise Foscarini’s company identity.

Foscarini Chouchin Reverse Pendant

The Foscarini Chouchin Reverse pendant, simple and stylish, Chouchin teams unique craft-based expertise with a modern and strikingly simple style. The Chouchin family comprises 3 models with a coloured matt glass body. Beside the first version a new one is born: Chouchin reverse. The shapes are the same but the colours have been inverted; the diffuser is now white while the collar stays the same colour as the previous shape. It is not just about a new colour, but rather a new light, a new use even. All the versions can be used individually or in highly scenic compositions: the perfect blend of tradition and modernity.

Delivery approximately 1-2 weeks


The pendant is available with either a standard maximum drop (see below for lengths) or 5000mm.

Chouchin Reverse 1 (orange):
Height 310mm
Diameter 400mm
Max drop:
3710mm (standard) or 10000mm

Chouchin Reverse 2 (green):
Height 430mm
Diameter 220mm
Max drop:
3830mm (standard) or 10000mm

Chouchin Reverse 3 (grey): 
Height 250mm
Diameter 300mm
Max drop:
3650mm (standard) or 10000mm

Lamp Type: LED retrofit or Fluo 1× 25W E27 Halo 1× 150W E27 (not included)

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