Catellani & Smith: Catellani & Smith Lucenera Clamp Table Lamp

Designer: Catellani & Smith
Manufacturer: Catellani & Smith

The value of a craftsmanship born from the story of a meeting between a blacksmith and Logan Smith, has been evolving for 25 years and always keeping abreast of the last innovative technologies. This has allowed Catellani & Smith to strengthen and expand his presence on the lighting market worldwide.

Catellani & Smith Lucenera Clamp Table Lamp

The Catellani & Smith Lucenera Clamp table lamp is designed to be clamped to the side of a table or shelf. The light is made of black carbon fibre tube, black base and flexible pipe or white techno fibre tube, white base and flexible pipe; nickel details.

The light is available in a halogen or LED version and two different sizes; a small (non-dimmable) and a large (dimmable) version.

The halogen version is only available in black, the LED version is available in both black and white. 

Delivery approximately 4-6 weeks

Please note that the small version includes a seperate switch 

Small Halogen fitting: 1X GU4 35W Included

Small LED fitting:  1X GU4 LED 4W (Separate lamp included)

Large Halogen fitting: 1X GU10 50W Included

Large LED fitting:  1X GU10 LED 4.5W (Separate lamp included)

Lamp Type: See Description for options

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