Catellani & Smith: Catellani & Smith Fil de Fer Floor Lamp

Designer: Catellani & Smith
Manufacturer: Catellani & Smith

The value of a craftsmanship born from the story of a meeting between a blacksmith and Logan Smith, has been evolving for 25 years and always keeping abreast of the last innovative technologies. This has allowed Catellani & Smith to strengthen and expand his presence on the lighting market worldwide.

Catellani & Smith Fil de Fer Floor Lamp

The Catellani & Smith Fil de Fer is a floor lamp, and is a sphere made of natural aluminium wire or anodized in gold colour in different diameters.

Designed and created by Enzo Catellani over ten years ago, the Fil de Fer lamp is made of aluminium wire that has been expertly sculpted and intertwined and is lit up from within by micro halogen bulbs. After some technological tweaks, it is now available with next-generation LED bulbs in a variety of shapes and sizes.

There are a variety of sizes and options available, please see the drop-down menu, technical and the PDFs for more details. 

Delivery approximately 4-6 weeks

12v electronic dimmable:

1200mm (aluminium finish only)

LED 12v dimmable:

900mm (aluminium finish only)
1200mm (aluminium finish only)

Lamp Type: See PDF for details

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