Davide Groppi: Davide Groppi 35mm Pendant

Designer: Alessandra Dallagiovanna & Davide Groppi
Manufacturer: Davide Groppi

Our lamps are simple, light, unique, pure, essential. Sometimes magical. Lamps designed to give depth to the space we live in, or simply to create light. Always in search of the boundary between light and dark.

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Davide Groppi 35mm Pendant

The Davide Groppi 35mm is a mobile pendant designed to hang from door handles. The light is constructed from metal and polycarbonate.

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Delivery approximately 2-3 weeks

U.S. version available - usually delivered in 4 to 6 weeks. For prices and further information please us on or [email protected]


2X Lithium 3V Batteriesare included

W.50 x D.5 x H.50 mm.

Lamp Type: 1X LED 0.3W


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