Betec: Betec Liliput Picture Light

Designer: Horst Lettenmayer
Manufacturer: Betec

Founded in 1979 by former actor and present Managing Director, Horst Lettenmayer, the rationale behind the creation of the company was his passion for light which inevitably resulted in the development of stand-alone lamps. Innovative creative energy very soon turned into market success. The first product, a 'picture light', was granted copyright. Today, minimalist designs and innovative technology remain both the expression and guiding principles of the company's philosophy.

Betec Liliput Picture Light

Although our longest picture light, Clarus, is longer than 5000mm and already gives a high level technical performance, we also wanted to demonstrate our sophisticated and qualified know-how in the field of miniatures. Our 40 mm long Liliput model is powerful enough to highlight your pictures. This model is for lighting photos, small illuminated souvenirs, slide frames and small showcases and even instrument boards - not only for a Rolls Royce car.

Delivery approximately 2 weeks

W.40 mm.

Lamp Type: 1X LED 3W 2500K

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