Vibia: Vibia Suite Wall Mounted Shelf

Designer: Jordi Vilardell & Meritxell Vidal
Manufacturer: Vibia

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The clearly-defined identity of the Vibia lighting collection is founded on the principal of light being one of the most primal creative forces, and embracing this idea to understand how people live and interact with light. Hailing from Barcelona, Vibia design luminaires that are accessible and cheerful, evolutionary rather than revolutionary, and this is expressed through the practicality, visible material quality and accurate forms of its iconic light fixtures.

Vibia Suite Wall Mounted Shelf

The Vibia Suite is a iluminated shelf attached to the wall that boasts different functions, where matter and light are integrated in a single body. Suite boasts different stands, as well as LED lighting and a USB charging station. Designed by Jordi Vilardell & Meritxell Vidal. Available in two finishes: dark brown and white. The light source is provided by a LED which is hidden beneath the shelving offering several lighting variations: standard or general ambient provided by a luminous element or a reading light.

The light is available in two sizes; small (6030/6031/6032) or large (6025/6026/6027) and in three distinct versions; standard (6030/6025), glass diffuser (6031/6026) and reading light (6032/6027).

LED on/off switch under the shelf

USB charging connection

Delivery approximately 2-3 weeks

Suite Small All Versions (6030/6031/6032):
Depth 390mm

Suite Large All Versions (6025/6026/6027):
Depth 460mm

Suite Small (6030):
Height 620mm
6X LED Strip 24v 1.63W

Suite Small Glass Diffuser (6031):
Height 690mm
6X LED Strip 24v 1.63W + 1X LED 3.7W 350mA

Suite Small Reading Light (6032):
Height 850mm
6X LED Strip 24v 1.63W + 1X LED 3.7W 350mA

Suite Large (6025):
Height 920mm
8X LED Strip 24v 1.63W

Suite Large Glass Diffuser (6026):
Height 990mm
8X LED Strip 24v 1.63W + 1X LED 3.7W 350mA

Suite Large Reading Light (6027):
Height 1140mm
8X LED Strip 24v 1.63W + 1X LED 3.7W 350mA

D.350 mm.

Lamp Type: See Description for options

£1,205.00 (save £180.75)

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