Brick In The Wall: Brick In The Wall Mistral 111 Plaster In Recessed Downlight

Designer: Brick In The Wall
Manufacturer: Brick In The Wall


This results in a minimalistic design that is only driven by its function, with light and architecture as a true amalgam. Brick in the Wall developed its own plaster, Calcyt, to obtain a heat resistant plaster with a high density and hardness.

The plaster fittings can easily be painted in the same color as the wall or ceiling and can therefore be perfectly integrated into almost every interior. A selective range of shapes, combined with a variety of light sources, will satisfy every architect's needs. Flexibility and creative custom-made solutions are the basis of a long term relationship. 

Brick In The Wall Mistral 111 Plaster In Recessed Light

The Mistral and Mist range of wall washer light fixtures, offers a unique appearance. The truly trimless integration capabilities of the Mistral fixture combine with the minimalistic, hidden light source to create light out of nowhere, as a light beacon that suddenly appears out of the fog. The Mistral range comes with different light sources, and is perfectly fit for energy efficient LED lamps. While the light source is centered at a 45- degree angle, the unique mounting system allows you to rotate the lamp in all directions with a single, almost invisible ring. The Mistral fixtures are made of CALCYT® plaster. This means the fittings share the same thermal expansion characteristics as regular plaster or plasterboard, which ensures installations that remain free of plaster cracks for the long haul. And of course it also means the Mistral range is fully paintable.

Delivery approximately 2-3 weeks

12V AR: QR-LP 111 - 35-50-75-100W G53 - 12V - excluding transformer - h.185mm

240V CDM: 35W or 70W - 230V/50Hz - excluding EVG - h.213mm

Installation system for gypsum ceiling 9 - 12 - 15mm included

Optional: installation system for gypsum ceiling 25 or 30mm, or concrete box 425x350mm in galvanized steel

W.484 x D.329 mm.

Lamp Type: See Technical Info

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