Brick In The Wall: Brick In The Wall Dionea Plaster In Recessed Ceiling Light

Designer: Brick In The Wall
Manufacturer: Brick In The Wall


This results in a minimalistic design that is only driven by its function, with light and architecture as a true amalgam. Brick in the Wall developed its own plaster, Calcyt, to obtain a heat resistant plaster with a high density and hardness.

The plaster fittings can easily be painted in the same color as the wall or ceiling and can therefore be perfectly integrated into almost every interior. A selective range of shapes, combined with a variety of light sources, will satisfy every architect's needs. Flexibility and creative custom-made solutions are the basis of a long term relationship. 

Brick In The Wall Dionea Plaster In Recessed Ceiling Light

The inspiration for the Dionea comes from the famous' Venus Flytrap plant. The result is a unique architectural light statement with generous dimensions. Just like its carnivorous virtual sibling, the Dionea has a fascinating and intriguing appeal that is sure to draw the attention and the interest of your guests. Made of fully paintable CALCYT® plaster, the truly trimless light fixture will remain free of plaster cracks. Dionea is a work of art and a true masterpiece. Dionea is available as a wall light fixture or as a recessed ceiling fixture. Both versions can be further customized to your desires!

Other versions are available, please us for details. 

Delivery approximately 2-3 weeks 

Transformer not included

W.2000 x D.100 x H.500 mm.

Lamp Type: 6× G×5.3 QR-CBC 51 50W Max

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