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Flexibility. If there’s one word to sum up LED Profilelement, it’s flexibility. Whether creating indirect accent lighting, shadow gaps for coves and skirtings or highlighting architectural features, the versatility of LED Profilelement flows from soft and subtle integrated lighting to a striking, dramatic statement. Installed directly into the drywall, many of the profiles are either plaster-in or with a paintable wing - seamlessly integrating into the architectural scheme whilst taking advantage of the latest in LED innovations. As we said - flexibility.

LED Profilelement Magnetic Tape

Self adhesive magnetic tape for fixing linear LED strip to metal profiles. This enables any adjustments at site and easy removal should maintenance be required. 

Available in 2m lengths.

Delivery usually within 10 working days 

Use with LED Profilelement Ferro Foil for aluminium / plastic profiles 

Self adhesive magnetic tape
Easily adjustable
2m lengths

W.2000 mm.

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