Flexalighting: Flexalighting Arik 6 Ceiling Light

Designer: Flexalighting
Manufacturer: Flexalighting

Flexalighting produce innovative and beautifully made architectural lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor installations. Leveraging one of the fundamental qualities of the LED source, the small size, the collection combines minimum device size with high quality luminous efficiency and high Chromatic Rendering Index LEDs.  Manufactured in Italy with a level of finishing that is at the top of the international market, Flexalighting is the perfect choice for domestic or commercial projects.

Flexalighting Arik 6 Ceiling light

Arik 6 surface mounted ceiling light combines minimal geometry with a high quality mechanical and optical quality. It is remarkably easy to install and suitable for applications ranging from spotlight for accent lighting display elements or architectural details. Available with multiple power options, finishes, beam angles and light colour temperatures. The high Chromatic Rendering Index (CRI 93) allows the use also in accent lighting of museum or commercial exposition. 

Integral driver (AC) version or remote constant current driver (CC) version - see Optional Items.

Other Arik versions available. 

Delivery usually in 1-2 weeks

Power: 3W 350mA / 6W 500mA

Remote constant current (CC):
Wired in series - driver not included

Integral driver (AC):
220-240 VAC
Parallel wiring

18° or 40° beam angle

Constant Current Driver | No. units powered
Sunpower 350mA 18W  | 1-6 Arik 6 (3W)
Sunpower 500mA 18W  | 1-3 Arik 6 (6W)

W.80 x D.80 x H.115 mm.

Lamp Type: 1x 3W LED (350mA) or 6W LED (500mA)


Optional items you may require:

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