Foscarini: Foscarini Rituals Pendant

Designer: Ludovica & Roberto Palomba
Manufacturer: Foscarini

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Foscarini Rituals Pendant

The Foscarini Rituals is a pendant. The challenge was to translate the lightness of washi paper used in oriental lanterns into a group of glass lights. Only Foscarini’s experience, combined with the skill of master Murano glassmakers made this creation possible. A family of lamps all concentrated on the diffuser and defined by the volume and material nature of glass. Lamps with diffused light, available in two versions with G9 or E27 lampholder. A collection of three diffuser shapes in  hand-blown glass made using a glass-blowing procedure without turning the glass in the mould (referred to as "stationary"); the striped effect is achieved using a mould with negative decorations which are repeated across the surface of the glass, which is subsequently ground manually "by belt" and which then undergoes immersion in acid in order to emphasise the plaster-like effect. Rituals emits a very private, evocative light. Each one has a different function and position.In a composition they form a single, luminous object for a large space or relaxation area. Three become one…

The Foscarini Rituals pendant is available with two different lamp types.

Lamp only included for LED versions. 

Delivery approximately 1-2 weeks


The Foscarini Rituals 1
H.340mm Dia.240mm
Maximum drop of 3740mm (standard) or 10000mm

The Foscarini Rituals 2
H.190mm Dia.240mm
Maximum drop of 3590mm (standard) or 10000mm

The Foscarini Rituals 3
H.210mm Dia.190mm
Maximum drop of 3610mm (standard) or 10000mm

The Foscarini Rituals XL
H.410mm Dia.400mm
Maximum drop of  3810mm (standard) or 10000mm

The Foscarini Rituals XL LED
H.410mm Dia.400mm
Maximum drop of  3810mm (standard) or 10000mm
Dimmable version possible configurations:
On-Off /Push/DALI

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