DCW éditions: DCW éditions Lampe Gras N230 Adjustable Floor Lamp

Designer: Bernard-Albin Gras
Manufacturer: DCW éditions

One of the parts of DCW, Lampe Gras is a series of lamps designed by Bernard-Albin Gras in 1921, for use in offices and in industrial environments. The Lampe Gras was astounding in its simple, robust and yet very ergonomic design. There are neither screws nor welded joints in the basic form. The functional esthetic of the lamps and especially the design of details such as those of the articulated brackets, supports and bases were truly original and far ahead of thier time. 

DCW éditions Lampe Gras N230 Adjustable Floor Lamp

Inspired by the 1922 design classic by Bernard-Albin Gras, the Gras Lamp has a long heritage as a precision lighting tool. Initially designed for architects offices but taken up by artisans in the fields of watchmaking and jewellers, the Gras Lamp has been adopted by illuminaries such as Le Corbusier, Robert Mallet-Stevens, Matisse and Picasso.

Industrial in style, the current iteration of the Lampe Gras N230 floor lamp by DCW éditions is adjustable at the base, neck and shade - perfect as a floor lamp, ceiling uplighter or wall washer to provide dramatic lighting to a room. The arm is adjustable by 86° at the base, with an adjustable tilt  of 30 - 280° on the neck and 15 - 230° adjustable tilt on the shade joint. Constructed with a steel base and arm finished in black satin. Oculist inspired steel shade in multiple finishes. Supplied with 2m long black fabric cable.

Delivery approximately 2 weeks

Black fabric cable length: 2m
Base: 86° adjustable tilt
Neck: 30 - 280° adjustable tilt
Shade: 15 - 230° adjustable tilt

Base: dia.320mm

D.160 x H.1750 mm. Diameter 135 mm.

Lamp Type: 1 x E14 ESL 20W

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