Arturo Alvarez: Arturo Alvarez Li Small LED Wall Light

Designer: Arturo Alvarez
Manufacturer: Arturo Alvarez

Arturo Alvarez are devoted to the design and production of all kind of decorative lamps.  They offer pieces of unique and great personality, for private and public environments and have a professional, motivated and highly qualified team and a clear business plan. These confluence of factors make Arturo Alvarez a well known brand, present in more than 50 countries, in the last few years their work has been recognized with important design awards. 

Arturo Alvarez Li Small LED Wall Light

The Arturo Alvarez Li Small LED Wall Lamp is very rich in small detail through the curved bands made from pressed recycled Japanese cellulose. There are small gaps where the bands arch, symbolic of soft sea waves, which the light escapes through. Available in white, light grey, red, brown, gold yellow, medium brown, beige, green & blue. Available in 2 sizes and both as dimmable and non-dimmable versions. Support in stainless steel. Includes 11,4W 1395lm 3000K LED strip.

Li Small LED Wall Light also available in 120V US version – please us for further details.

Li Large LED Wall Light also available.

Delivery usually within 2-4 weeks.

230V - 50Hz

Energy Efficiency – A++

Dimmable version: Built in dimming system DALI / Switch DIM

About Pressed Cellulose:
Low Flammability.
Simple maintenance.
Easy to clean with a dry cloth.
We recommend not to wet it.

W.515 x D.65 x H.155 mm.

Lamp Type: LED 11,4W 1395lm 3000K built-in

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