IP44.DE: IP44.DE Mox Exterior Bollard

Designer: IP44.DE
Manufacturer: IP44.DE

The full heat of summer. Fog in the spring and rain in the autumn. Cold and frost in winter. Outside lamps are exposed to extreme weather conditions, and IP44.DE live up to their German lineage by designing and manufacturing some of the finest examples of outdoor lighting. From their knowledge of materials to utilising the latest technology, IP44.DE ensure that their collection will reliably withstand whatever the elements can throw at them. At any time of the year. For many years to come. And they will look good doing it.

IP44.DE Mox Exterior Bollard

The IP44.DE Mox exterior bollard has a clear and reduced shape and generates an extensive, widespread lighting effect. Three power LEDs create maximum luminosity across the whole area. The light is constructed from aluminium and tempered safety clear glass. 

Delivery approximately 2-3 weeks 


The light includes a separate anchorage unit.

W.190 x D.85 x H.854 mm.

Lamp Type: LED 10.3W 3000K

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