Lumina: Lumina Daphine Floor Lamp

Designer: Tommaso Cimini
Manufacturer: Lumina

Beautiful objects born out of original designs by Tomasso Cimini, founder of Lumina. Lumina harmonises technology and the environment to awaken the senses with fascinating effects.

"Beauty is a necessity of the mind, the function is the origin of the harmony and the design is the consequence of technically conscious choices" said Walter Monici, architect and designer who is still working with Lumina."

Lumina Daphine Floor Lamp

By combining a high efficiency convecting heat sink system with a powerful LED, together with a miniaturized full rotation of the head device, we have managed to preserve the versatility and the simplicity of the ever successful Daphine lamp.

Delivery approximately 2-3 weeks

Daphine Floor Classic:
2 step switch
1 x Halogen 50W 12V GY6.35

Daphine Floor Dimmer:

1 x Halogen 50W 12V GY6.35 

Daphine Floor LED:
Dimmable + 2 step switch


D.450 x H.910 mm. Diameter 210 mm.

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