Nemo: Nemo Projecteur 365 Pendant

Designer: Le Corbusier
Manufacturer: Nemo

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Simultaneously embracing the contemporary whilst revelling in its heritage, Nemo successfully fuses contemporary minimalist lighting with the golden age of iconic Italian design. By combining the work of masters such as Claritas by Vico Magistretti and Le Corbusier's Projecteur 365 with the In The Wind series by Arihiro Miyake, Nemo celebrates the best designers of the past alongside the most creative of the present.

Nemo Projecteur 365 Pendant

The Nemo Projecteur 365 pendant of Le Corbusier was designed for the Chandigarh High Court, India, in 1954. Aluminium body painted in night blue, white sand or moka. Diffuser glass curved and sandblasted in the inner part. Painted body, base and canopies. Screws and small metal parts black chromed.

Delivery approximately 4-6 weeks

Maximum drop 3000mm

H.340 mm. Diameter 360 mm.

Lamp Type: 1x E27 150W Max

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