Morosini: Morosini Karat Pendant

Designer: Luca Ferretto
Manufacturer: Morosini

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Morosini designer lighting, innovative designs with stunning Italian craftmanship. For the last ten years Morosini lighting have been producing stunning contemporary lighting for the domestic market. Morosini is a future designer lighting classic with a full range of designer wall lights, pendants, table and floor lamps. 

Morosini Karat Pendant

The Morosini Karat Pendant is implicit of a diamond represented through the title ‘Karat’ - a play on the word carat meaning the measurement of the purity of gold. The design is also symbolic of a diamond through its angular cone shape and transparent glass which causes the light to refract and bend in different directions. Karat oozes of preciousness and is available in an alternate version with a satin finish rather than transparent.

Delivery approximately 2-3 weeks.

Maximum drop 2000mm

Lamps not included for all versions. 

S3L & S5L are sets of 3 & 5 (respectively), which hang from a track.

- H.130 mm. Diameter 125 mm.
- Lamp Type: 1X G9 42W
- H.130 mm. Diameter 125 mm.
- Lamp Type: 2X G9 42W
- H.130 mm. Diameter 125 mm.
- Lamp Type: 3X G9 42W
- H.130 mm. Diameter 125 mm.
- Lamp Type: 4X G9 42W
- W.800 x D.65 x H.130 mm. Diameter 125 mm.
- Lamp Type: 3X G9 42W
- W.1485 x D.65 x H.130 mm. Diameter 125 mm.
- Lamp Type: 5X G9 42W

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