Foscarini: Foscarini Big Bang Pendant

Designer: Enrico Franzolini and Vicente Garcia Jimenez
Manufacturer: Foscarini

Research and innovation, attention to quality in production and services offered, an international focus, maximum flexibility and, above all, a product-centred culture that is the result of good design: these are the elements that characterise Foscarini’s company identity.

Foscarini Big Bang Pendant

The Foscarini Big Bang is a suspension lamp made of intersections of white or red metacrylate panels. A dynamic composition that offers diffused and reflected light.

For the Foscarini Big Bang LED Pendant:

In the new LED version, affording high energy efficiency levels and durability, Foscarini wanted to retain all the emotion of the original model. For this reason, after a lengthy lighting technology design project developed by Foscarini, the new version with LED light retains the unmistakable effect of this lamp, in which every sphere recreates the image of the light source inside it and of its surroundings.The four LED circuit boards are installed on the aluminium plate that acts as a dissipator, and covered by translucent polycarbonate screens.

Delivery approximately 1-2 weeks 

The Foscarini Big Bang Fluorescent pendant has a maximum drop of 1420mm.

For all other versions of the Foscarini Big Bang pendant, they are available with a maximum drop of 3860mm (standard) or 10000mm.

The Foscarini Big Bang LED pendant is available in both a non-dimmable and a dimmable version. 

Big Bang LED:
1x LED 37,7 W 3000° K 3885 lm CRI>90 103 lm/W (included)

Big Bang Halogen:
1x R7s 160W Max. (not included)

Big Bang Fluorescent:
1x GX24q-3 26W Max. (not included)

W.960 x H.660 mm. Diameter 220 mm.

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