Santa & Cole: Santa & Cole Nimba Pendant

Designer: Antoni Arola
Manufacturer: Santa & Cole

For 25 years now, Santa & Cole has lived for industrial design, an art consisting of focussing on everyday objects in order to seek a better use experience, thereby leading us to reflect upon material culture. Please browse through their stunning collection of designer lighting.

Santa & Cole Nimba Pendant

The Santa & Cole Nimba pendant is a floating ring comprising a metal profile and an inner shade that scatters the light. The lamp's name is inspired by ‘the nimbus or halo around holy images, which can be seen, but is not there’. Nimba shines light on the centre of nowhere to radiate out in all directions, effortlessly combining simplicity and high technology. 

Delivery approximately 2-3 weeks

Minimum drop 500mm

Maximum drop 5000mm

Nimba 60:
Diameter 600mm
LED 45W Included

Nimba 90:
Diameter 850mm
LED 65W Included

Nimba 120:
Diameter 1200mm
LED 95W Included

Nimba 180:
Diameter 1800mm
LED 125W Included

H.80 mm.

Lamp Type: See Description for options

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