Betec: Betec Clarus Incandescent Picture Light

Designer: Horst Lettenmayer
Manufacturer: Betec

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Founded in 1979 by former actor and present Managing Director, Horst Lettenmayer, the rationale behind the creation of the company was his passion for light which inevitably resulted in the development of stand-alone lamps. Innovative creative energy very soon turned into market success. The first product, a 'picture light', was granted copyright. Today, minimalist designs and innovative technology remain both the expression and guiding principles of the company's philosophy.

Betec Clarus Incandescent Picture Light

The classic and original Clarus Incandescent Picture Light is unrivalled for its design and construction. Handmade from high-quality brass tube, the incandescent light source omits a consistant light along the picture. Available in multiple brass, gold, nickel, bronze, chrome, white and black finishes.

The arm is available in 3 designs offering different height and depth. 

Delivery approximately 2 weeks

Energy efficiency: E
Lamp lifespan: 1,000 hours
Warm 2500K
Tube: Ø14mm, rotatable   

50W 24V 5W


100W 12V 5W 

Arm Type 10: H.120mm x D.120mm
Arm Type 12: H.140mm x D.170mm
Arm Type 20: H.100mm x D.220mm

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