Wastberg: Wastberg W132 Cone Floor Lamp

Designer: Oki Sato Nendo
Manufacturer: Wastberg

"The electric light will make people work themselves to death”, said the famous Scandinavian writer Strindberg. It seems that Wästberg took this statement personally. They have attempted to enhance the human experience by dimming down the intensity of modern general lighting and utilising beautifully designed direct lighting.

Wästberg create their award-winning Swedish lighting in collaboration with world-renowned architects and designers, such as Kim Colin, Sam Hecht, Ilse Crawford, Maarten Van Severen and Inga Sempé. Wästberg continue to stay true both to their ethos and their Scandinavian heritage for product design and engineering. As Magnus Wästberg says, “people will continue to work themselves to death, even in the light of Wästberg’s lamps. But they will feel better while doing it.”

Wastberg W132 Cone Floor Lamp

The Wastberg W132 Cone floor lamp is a light fixture made by a system of parts. The height and form of the light can be easily changed by adding and rearranging the components. By attaching the wire unit to the shade it becomes a pendant lamp. Adding a longer post to the lamp makes it a floor lamp. The shade is available in three different shapes: a cone, a sphere and a cylinder. this version is a floor lamp with the cone shade. The light is finished in white, blue or black.

Delivery approximately 2-4 weeks

H.1292 mm. Diameter 285 mm.

Lamp Type: 2X E14 40W Max

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