Licht Im Raum Ocular 2 Pendant | Image:1
Licht Im Raum Ocular 2 Pendant | Image:1
Licht Im Raum Ocular 2 Pendant | Image:1
Licht Im Raum Ocular 2 Pendant | Image:1

Licht Im Raum Ocular 2 Pendant

Designer: Licht Im Raum

Manufacturer: Licht Im Raum



The Licht Im Raum Ocular 2 is an innovative luminary system which uses a simple optical principle to bundle light through a lens in order to control it exactly. Ocular 2 makes use of an ingenious optical lens optic – it is swivelling in all directions needed and so always complies with the function of light. The both direct and indirect light which will always be dazzle-free and dimable, allows an integral lighting plan.

The pendant is available with either a halogen or a LED version.

Made of steel in these finishes; Polished steel, polished brass, matt black, matt white and brushed steel.

Delivery approximately 4 weeks


Maximum drop 2000mm

The Licht Im Raum Ocular 2 pendant halogen has 2X 35W Capsule Halogen Included.

The Licht Im Raum Ocular 2 pendant LED has LED 14W 2700K Max.

Lamp type: See Description for options


Product dimensions: W.350mm x D.139mm

  • Licht Im Raum Ocular 2 PDF
Delivery and warranty

August factory shutdown

Licht Im Raum shut down for summer vacation in August. Delivery times will be extended during the months of July and August, we'll advise you of the approximate delivery date with your order confirmation. Need it in a hurry? Let us know and we'll check availability for you.

About the manufacturer

Ok, lets get the stereotypes out of the way - Licht im Raum deserve their reputation for quality German engineering. Founded in 1956, Licht im Raum pioneered the ‘staging’ of architecture through lighting design. This heritage and experience has forged a contemporary lighting collection with an architectural quality that is perfect for enhancing the surrounding space. Whilst still using local craftsmanship to make each of their products by hand, Licht im Raum continues to push boundaries – both in design and in the advancement of LED technology. Stereotypes, eh?

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