Axo Light Lightecture Skirt Ceiling Light | Image:1
Axo Light Lightecture Skirt Ceiling Light | Image:1

Axo Light Lightecture Skirt Ceiling Light

Designer: Lightecture

Manufacturer: Axo Light



The Axo Light Lightecture Skirt is a complete lamp collection with a curtain lampshade. The TREVIRA®CS fireproof fabric consists in two overlapping layers: exterior black net with interior fabric available in nine colours.

A single layer version is available, please enquire for details. 

Delivery approximately 4-6 weeks 


Lamp type: See drop down for options

  • Axo Light Lightecture Skirt 70 PDF
  • pl_skr_100
  • pl_skr_150
Delivery and warranty

Delivery approximately 2-3 weeks

About the manufacturer

Born in 1996 in Venice, Axo Light combines Italian passion for design with a strong international focus and has become one of the most dynamic companies to bear the “Made In Italy” standard. Inspired by the Venetian tradition of glass making, Axo Light has explored the widest possible range of working methods and innovative materials including crystal, fabric, metal, aluminium and ABS injection casting to create a truly unique lighting collection.

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