Atelier Sedap Canal 2 3121 Plaster In Light | Image:1
Atelier Sedap Canal 2 3121 Plaster In Light | Image:1

Atelier Sedap Canal 2 3121 Plaster In Light

Designer: Atelier Sedap

Manufacturer: Atelier Sedap


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The Atelier Sedap Canal 2 3121 is a high strength plaster, equiped with 2 high power 350mA LED. For a semi-recessed mounting in plasterboard walls (with acrylic glue - without plaster joint).

Delivery approximately 2-3 weeks



The light's LED is available in a warm white or cold white. 

Lamp type: 2 x LED 2W Included


Product dimensions: W.120mm x D.50mm x H.230mm

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Delivery and warranty

August factory shutdown

Atelier Sedap shut down for summer vacation in August. Delivery times will be extended during the months of July and August, we'll advise you of the approximate delivery date with your order confirmation. Need it in a hurry? Let us know and we'll check availability for you.

About the manufacturer

Plaster has been modelled by man since time immemorial. 25 years of research and creativity have enabled Atelier Sedap to develop the material and multiply its uses. Therefore, each product is manufactured in a blend which is ideally suited to its end use and shape, creating a modern and minimalist lighting solution.

"Our products are uniquely resistant due to the use of numerous additives, allowing them to be used in demanding conditions. Our specifications define the very thorough processes which guarantee the technical quality and appearance of our creations. By exploring the resources of plaster outside traditional usage as ornaments, we have succeeded in offering an original range of lighting products in any volume."

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